Medical Placements
AIL has established web works in schools, hospitals and local agencies
throughout Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the
United States. Its staff has designed recruitment and assessment
programs for local and international companies and successfully placed
Professionals in major Establishments both in the U.S. and the U.K.

AIL has a resource bank of screened professionals:
* B.Sc. Registered Nurses
* B.Sc. Pharmacists
* B.Sc. Speech Therapists
* B.Sc. Occupational Therapists
* B.Sc. Physical Therapists
* B.Sc. Medical Technologist
* Medical Doctors
* BSN Professors with MD / PhDs

Our Clients Include:
* Hospitals
* Pharmacists
* Rehab Centers
* Health Clinics
* Nursing Schools
* Not for Profit Organizations

Visit the site for medical placement at: www.amitylink.com
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