The mission of AIL is to build global bridges and establish mutually  beneficial
partnerships. It is our aim to serve our clients with unmatched quality care.

Amity International Link provides services and facilitation to organizations and
individuals with transition needs.

The founders of AIL present their global outreach by dedicated and quality personnel.
From our office located in a small New England town south of Boston, we reach out to
the worldwide community.

Our aim is to bring competency and expertise to provide effective Meet and Greet
services with personal care.

Our clients include students in relocation and individuals in growth-change process.
In order to fulfill these goals AIL commits itself to working
with all partners in a spirit which includes the discipline of
clear and accurate communication and honest dialogue
About Us
Amity International Link LLC
141 Fort Hill Street
Hingham, MA 02043
United States
ph: (781) 740-1877
fax: (781) 740-2852

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